Raymond Dowe - Full Stack Developer -

I am a Dublin based developer with a passion for technology. If it has a screen, a battery, or a data connection, I want to know how it works and what it can do.

I have a broad range of web development experience ranging from frontend and backend website development, to native mobile applications with Android, iOS and Blackberry, to prototyping hardware.



  • C# in Visual Studio for ASP.Net
  • PHP with WordPress and GetSimple
  • Python with Django CMS
  • JavaScript for Node


  • JavaScript using a number of common libraries and frameworks including jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and Backbone
  • CSS with SASS


  • Relational databases in MySQL, MSSQL and SQLite
  • NoSQL databases with MongoDB


  • Linux, Windows, and Mac setup and administration
  • Apache, IIS, and Express web server setup and administration


  • Java in Eclipse and Android Studio for Android
  • Objective C in Xcode for iOS
  • Processing for Arduino


  • Design and image editing in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Video editing in Adobe Premiere
  • Special effects in Adobe After Effects


  • Source Control with SVN and Git
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel

Notable Projects


An iOS application to facilitate last minute hotel bookings. Hotels sign up and offer same day deals and sell off excess inventory. Users find deals on hotels near them with short notice.

  • Native iOS Application supporting iPhone 4S+ devices
  • Accepting payments with Beanstream
  • WEX Virtual Payments
  • ASP.Net backend leveraging the Entity Framework

CineApp - Voyeur

CineApp created a platform that allows individuals to create personalized interactive storytelling experiences. Not only can users make choices and interact with characters in a story to affect the outcome, but they can be delivered content that is personalized and specific to only them.

  • Impossible Software for dynamic video generation
  • Twilio for incoming calls and outgoing SMS messages
  • Amazon Web Services for video content delivery


SNAP Financial approached Flywheel with the desire to create an application to be used by their HVAC clients. Customers can now apply for financing on site, and receive credit decisions instantly.

  • Native Blackberry, Android, and iOS applications
  • Drivers license PDF417 code scanning to populate a new application
  • Photo upload of void cheque to submit their banking details
  • Integration with Moneris Payd hardware to setup automatic payments via credit card
  • DocuSign for electronic documents and digital signatures

Responsibilities and Achievements

Project Management

My role includes the responsibility of designing program architecture, as well as breaking projects down into modular pieces for a set of developers. Coordinating with employees in both the Canadian and Indian offices, as well as clients requests and scope changes.

Interviews and Hiring

I have been responsible for both interviewing and hiring employees and interns. The process includes discussion and problem solving as parts of an overal skill assessment.

Style Guide

Driven by the desire to help developers write consistent code, I was given the responsibility of putting together a set of best practicies to be used by Flywheel employees.


Flywheel Strategic

Application Developer
May 2008 - Present


Humber College

Multimedia Design and Production Technician, 2008
Toronto, Canada